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Voluntary Services

  • Voluntary social year (FSJ)

  • Federal Volunteer Service (BFD)

... that means: You can work in a company for a long time. You get to know different professions and take on your own tasks.

Some tasks are for example:

  • accompanying people in everyday life, ie accompanying people to the doctor or for examinations, or walking with them or going shopping for them.
  • accompanying people in their free time, that is reading, playing, cooking or
  • support nurses at work.
  • …and much more.

Do you like these tasks? Then a volunteer service is right for you

Volunteer service in nursing

A volunteer service lasts 1 year and is full-time (about 8 hours a day). You also have the option to do the volunteer service only for 6 months. Sometimes there is the possibility to do the voluntary service up to 1.5 years.

Difference between FSJ and BFD:
FSJ means voluntary social year. If, for example, you don't know exactly what type of apprenticeship or study you want to do after school, the FSJ is a good way to get your bearings. In this way you can also bridge the waiting time until your training or studies begin. And you're doing something good for society.

BFD means federal volunteer service. Like the FSJ, the BFD is only slightly different in law. For example, you can still take the BFD if you are older than 27 years.

If you want to know more, you can get more information at this link:


You can coordinate with the company when you can start your volunteer service. Voluntary service often begins on August 1st or September 1st.

Requirements - you need:

  • a school degree.
  • you must be at least 16 years old.
  • you cannot be older than 27 for an FSJ. It doesn't matter at the BFD.
  • sometimes you need health suitability: this is a certificate from the family doctor that shows that you are healthy.
  • sometimes you need a police clearance certificate: this is a certificate that shows that you have had no problems with the police.
  • maybe you need more certificates. It is best to find out more on the homepage of the carrier or you can call there. The sponsor is an organization that accompanies, supports and advises you in your voluntary service. The sponsor is, for example, the diaconal work, the AWO or the Red Cross


  • You apply to a volunteer service provider and company.
    • You participate in seminars through the sponsor during your volunteer service. The organization works with different companies and can advise you on which company you can do your voluntary service in.
  • You can also ask a company directly if you can do a volunteer service there. The company works with a porter and will get you there.
  • You can send an application to the institution or to the company.
    • many sponsors and companies would like to have the application via email
    • sometimes you need additional documents / certificates
    • sometimes you can choose in which area of ​​the company you want to do your voluntary service.
    • it is best to find out more on the homepage of the company and the agency or you can call them.
    • you can do your voluntary service in different companies:
    • For example ...
      • in the hospital
      • in a nursing home
      • in an outpatient nursing service
      • in a company for people with disabilities
  • You can find companies and organizations where you can do a voluntary service HERE

You get:

  • pocket money of approx. 381 Euro per month (as of 2017)
  • sometimes free accommodation, a free lunch, free work clothes or additional money (expense allowance).
  • your social security
  • an ID card that gives you many things cheaper. For example, driving the bus and train, cinema and museum, library and much more
  • free seminars:
    • the sponsor organizes 25 seminar days per year.
    • these seminar days are working hours.
    • you always take part in the seminars in a fixed group. This is how you get to know other people who also do voluntary service.
  • at the end a certificate and a diploma.
    • if you have done the voluntary service for at least 6 months, you will receive the official certificate.
    • the certificate or certificate gives you advantages when applying for an apprenticeship position, a degree or a job.

For more information about volunteer services please visit:

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