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The (generalistic) Nursing Training

Generalistic means:

The new (generalist) nursing training has been in existence since January 1, 2020. That means, instead of the 3 nursing courses that were previously separate:

  • care for the elderly,
  • health and nursing and
  • health and children's nursing

... there is now a new apprenticeship for everyone.

This training is right for you ...

  • ... if you like to help people.
  • ... if you would like to work with children, young people, adults or the elderly.
  • ... if you like to learn and are curious about new experiences.
  • ... if you are interested in care and
  • ... if you would like to work with many different professional groups.

During your training you will learn how to help people:

  • to get well,
  • to have no pain,
  • not to get sick (again).

Do you like these tasks? - Apply now:


Generalistic Nursing Training

Duration: The apprenticeship takes 3 years.

There is also part-time training, which then lasts up to 5 years.

(In Bremen there will be part-time training this year at Friedehorst on April 1st, 2020 and at ibs on November 1st, 2020.) You can find some information HERE)

Study schedule:

You can apply to a company, for example:

  • in a nursing home
  • in an outpatient nursing service
  • in a hospital with adults or
  • in a hospital with children and adolescents

The company often works with a school. At the company where you have the contract, you do a larger part of the practical training.

You can also apply to a school. The school will then advise you at which company you can do your practical training.

All apprentices have the same education at school for 3 years. After 2 years you can sometimes choose a special route. But this is only possible if you chose the focus on "elderly care" or "children and adolescents" at the beginning.

In some companies, after 2 years, you can choose whether you want to do a different degree instead of continuing the general education. You can choose between:

  • Geriatric care or
  • Health and children's nursing.

With these degrees, you can then only work in these work areas.

If you continue the generalist training in the third year of training, you will get the professional qualification: "Nursing specialist" or "Nursing specialist".

With this degree, you can work in all areas. So also in a nursing home for the elderly, in an outpatient nursing service or in children's nursing. And you can change the area later in your professional life.

The generalist care training applies throughout Europe. This means that you can work in other countries in Europe.

Requirements - you need:

  • a middle school qualification (Realschule qualification) or
  • a secondary school diploma and vocational training of at least 2 years with a degree or an assistant training or a helper training in nursing with a degree


  • you have at least 2100 theory hours at school and at least 2500 practice hours in the company. These practical hours in operation are called operations.
  • you practice in many different areas of healthcare
  • you can sometimes choose where you want to practice, for example in the operating room (OR) or in the intensive care unit in the hospital or in the nursing home in a dementia ward or in a geronto psychiatry area.
  • you can do practical assignments in other areas, for example in a counselling centre, at social services or in a hospice.
  • you can sometimes practice abroad. Ask your school if that's possible.

Your salary:

The salary during the apprenticeship is regulated by tariff or based on the tariff regulation.

You earn approximately:

  • during the 1st year - 1100 Euro gross per month
  • during the 2nd year - 1150 Euro gross per month
  • during the 3rd year - 1250 Euro gross per month

Application deadline:

You can apply any time. Training begins at various schools several times a year.

Society needs more and more nursing staff, so you have a good chance of a permanent job after your apprenticeship.

You can find more information about the new care training and answers to your questions here:

or here in the video of the `Bundesministerium für Gesundheit´:

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