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Training in Social Care

…means working with people with disabilities of all ages in their living environment. That means: education, support, assistance, advice, support, education and care

  This training is right for you ...

  • ... if you would like to work with children, adolescents, adults and the elderly with disabilities.
  • ... if you want to support people with disabilities to live independently.
  • ... if you want to help people with disabilities to actively participate in life in society.
  • ... if you are interested in social pedagogy, curative pedagogy and nursing.
  • ... and if you want to work with many different professional group

During your training you will learn to support people with disabilities and, according to the name of the training, to heal, educate and care for them. You will also learn to assist, advise and accompany people with disabilities.

Do you like these tasks? - Apply now:

Training as a Social Care Worker

Duration: the training lasts 3 years                      

Study schedule:

  • you choose a school (specialist school for curative care). You apply there and make a contract with the school.
  • You choose a company (for example a dorm, a kindergarten or a workshop). You apply there and also make a contract there.
  • You have lessons at school and you work in a company in practice, always alternating.
  • school sometimes costs money, but you often get a salary from practice. The school and the company will give you information about it.

Requirements - you need:

  • Abitur or university entrance qualification and an internship with at least 400 hours in disability aid (also volunteer services link possible) or
  • secondary school diploma and one-year vocational school for home economics and social affairs, focus on personal assistance or
  • Realschule degree and at least 2 years of vocational training with a degree or
  • secondary school diploma and at least 2 years of vocational training with a vocational school qualification and secondary school diploma.
  • a health suitability: this is a certificate from the family doctor that shows that you are healthy.
  • a police clearance certificate: This is a certificate that shows that you had no problems with the police.
  • you may need further experience and documents (such as certificates about internships, about hepatitis B vaccination, about language skills). It is best to find out more on the school's homepage or by calling.

You can find nursing schools in your area HERE

These videos show you will do in training:


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