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Information on Training for a Nursing Job

The Retraining:

If you have already completed vocational training or have worked in another area, you can learn a new profession by retraining.

Retraining is like normal training. The training content and duration are the same.

The difference is that the costs for the retraining are paid by the employment agency or the job centre. This is called educational vouchers.

Retraining as a nursing specialist:

... means: You are doing normal nursing training. All information about nursing training can be found HERE

Many people are only interested in a care profession when they get older. The nursing profession offers an interesting work area with many opportunities and good chances for a permanent position after the training.

The employment agency and the job centre will be able to finance retraining in the future. This means that this three-year training is funded.

You get:

  • a training salary during training. If you get unemployment benefits or other payments from the state, most of the salary will be taken into account.
  • sometimes additional money, for example for accommodation, travel expenses, childcare.

Requirements - you need:

  • the age of 18 years
  • a middle school diploma
  • knowledge of German (B2)
  • an education with a degree or several years of experience in a profession.

You can get more information about retraining into a nursing profession at the employment agency or the job centre.

  • if you are a customer in the job centre, the integration specialist is the right contact person.
  • if you are a customer of the employment agency, it is best to speak to your personal advisor in the Employment Agency.

You can find information of the Federal Ministry for Family Seniors, Women and Youth on this topic here:

You can get more information here:


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